Little Treasures International Art Exhibition
Galleria D’ Marchi, Bologna, May 8- 21 2010, Curated by Paola Trevisan
Ateneo de Madrid, February 12-14 2016, Curated by GallArt

The title of this exhibition, reminds us about one of the most powerful senses of art: the desire for precious objects. Since the beginning people have cared for beautiful little treasures.

Rosa Mascarell, through the use of a precious material such as gold and an accurate process of craftsmanship, has tried to express her sensibility and her dreams transforming the materials into metaphors.

Serie retomada y ampliada que se presenta en Ateneo de Madrid del 12 al 14 de febrero de 2016 gracias a la invitación de GallArt.
Laberints Gold (23,75 carat), withe gold, thread, pigments and shellack on panel. 20 x 20 x 4 cm (without frame)